Marketing Services

Now Available with Classic Lady Motors


CLM provides a service to manage the online advertising and marketing of classic autos. Our online marketing expertise affords us the knowledge and understanding of the online collector/ buyer community. Many collectors and individuals do not have the time nor interest to manage the complexity of online selling. Most do not have the knowledge or resources to do online marketing. That’s where we come in. For a small fee, we will market your specialty and Highline autos to millions of online car buyers, maximize your online visibility, answer your customer emails and questions, and even in some cases provide transport. You even have the option of our service to photograph and/or videotape your cars. Leave all the work to us!

We offer you a new method to reach potential buyers. Typical buying services restrict you to the local Primary Market Area. Our market is the entire country, Europe, and other countries. We have many international clients who love collector cars. Through our nationwide access to over a million visitors a month, we will help you expand your profits. The advantage to you is that you can spend more time managing your business and enjoying your lifestyle.

On the internet, you are what your customers perceive. Presentation with an accurate description is everything. You have only one chance to leave an impression let the experts handle it! From start to finish, your online advertising and marketing will be hassle free!